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  • 1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign
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    1864 Shenandoah Valley Campaign

    Civil War scholar Scott Patchan talked about operations in the Shenandoah Valley during July and August 1864. Following a Confederate advance on Washington D.C. under Major General Jubal…

  • 1861 Battle of Balls Bluff
    Last Aired

    1861 Battle of Ball's Bluff

    Civil War scholar James Morgan discussed the October 1861 Battle of Ball’s Bluff that occurred near Leesburg, Virginia. Fought during the first year of the war, he argued that this Union loss was largely due…

  • Battle of Fort Fisher
    Last Aired

    Battle of Fort Fisher

    Civil War scholar Rod Gragg discussed the Battle of Fort Fisher, which occured in December 1864 and January 1865. Though beaten back at the first engagement, the Union Army remained determined to capture the…

  • Cumberland Valley Railroad
    Last Aired

    Cumberland Valley Railroad

    Scott Mingus, co-author of Targeted Tracks, talked about the importance of the Cumberland Valley Railroad during the Civil War. This was a one-track railroad running from Hagerstown,…

  • 1863 Battle of Champion Hill
    Last Aired

    1863 Battle of Champion Hill

    Civil War scholar Timothy Smith explored the 1863 Battle of Champion Hill, part of the Vicksburg campaign. He discussed how General Grant’s leadership contributed to a Union victory in this Mississippi…

  • Teaching Reconstruction
    Last Aired

    Teaching Reconstruction

    At the annual Southern Historical Association meeting, a group of professors discussed challenges and strategies for teaching the Reconstruction Era. They talked about sources and trying to…

  • 1863 Battle of Ringgold Gap
    Last Aired

    1863 Battle of Ringgold Gap

    Pamplin Historical Park executive director Jerry Desmond explored the 1863 Battle of Ringgold Gap, a small engagement in northern Georgia following the Union victory at Chattanooga, Tennessee. This event was…

  • Battle of Wilsons Creek
    Last Aired

    Battle of Wilson's Creek

    Kristen Pawlak talked about the Battle of Wilson’s Creek, fought between Union and Confederate forces in southwest Missouri in August 1861. She explained that the conflict, while not widely known, is significant…

  • 1863 Tullahoma Campaign
    Last Aired

    1863 Tullahoma Campaign

    Author Chris Kolakowski talked about the 1863 Tullahoma Campaign in Tennessee. He argued that the power struggles between the Confederate leaders in the Army of Tennessee resulted in their unpreparedness for…

  • 1862 Battle of Williamsburg
    Last Aired

    1862 Battle of Williamsburg

    Drew Gruber talked about the 1862 Battle of Williamsburg in Virginia - and why it was overshadowed that year by larger and bloodier battles. He also explained why Williamsburg’s colonial history has…

  • 1864 Battle of Fort Stevens
    Last Aired

    1864 Battle of Fort Stevens

    National Park Service ranger Steve Phan discussed the Union Army’s initiative to build forts around Washington, D.C. The Battle of Fort Stevens, a campaign by Confederate Lieutenant General…

  • 1862 Battle of Secessionville
    Last Aired

    1862 Battle of Secessionville

    Dan Welch discussed the 1862 Battle of Secessionville, a Union attempt to wrest control of nearby Tower Battery from the Confederate Army. Controlling this area meant access to Charleston, South…

  • 1863 Battle of Mine Run
    Last Aired

    1863 Battle of Mine Run

    Chris Mackowski discussed the Battle of Mine Run, a small engagement in December 1863 between Union forces against better positioned Confederates near Fredericksburg, Virginia. Mr.…

  • 1864 New Market Campaign
    Last Aired

    1864 New Market Campaign

    Sarah Kay Bierle talked about 1864 New Market Campaign, which she argued resulted in the last major Confederate victory in the Shenandoah Valley and had a strategic importance far beyond the relatively small number of forces…

  • 1861 Battle of Dranesville
    Last Aired

    1861 Battle of Dranesville

    Ryan Quint talked about the Battle of Dranesville, fought in Northern Virginia in December 1861. He argued that the conflict, while not well known, is significant because it was the first victory for the Union…

  • 1861 Battle of Philippi
    Last Aired

    1861 Battle of Philippi

    Jon-Erik Gilot examined the Battle of Philippi, fought in West Virginia in June 1861. He argued that although the action was brief, it was significant because it was the first organized land engagement of the war…

  • Ulysses S Grants Second Petersburg Offensive
    Last Aired

    Ulysses S. Grant's Second Petersburg Offensive

    A. Wilson Greene analyzed Ulysses S. Grant’s lesser-known second Petersburg offensive, which took place in June 1864 as Union forces attempted to capture Petersburg, Virginia, before Confederate General Robert E.…

  • Gunpowder Manufacturing Between 185065
    Last Aired

    Gunpowder Manufacturing Between 1850-65

    West Point history instructor Major David Lambert discussed how gunpowder was outsourced and manufactured in the mid-19th century. The New York Military Affairs Symposium hosted this event.

  • National History Day  Story of Harriet Ann Jacobs
    Last Aired

    National History Day - "Story of Harriet Ann Jacobs"

    Cathy Gorn described the National History Day contest held at the University of Maryland, College Park. Then, three middle school students presented their entry in the competition, a 10-minute performance titled,…

  • 1862 Battle of Antietam
    Last Aired

    1862 Battle of Antietam

    Author Daniel Vermilya discussed the facts and myths surrounding the Civil War’s bloodiest day of battle. He drew on research from his book, That Field of Blood: The Battle of Antietam."…

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