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  • History of the Filibuster

    History of the Filibuster

    National Constitution Center Editor-in-Chief Scott Bomboy explained the history behind the use of the filibuster in…

  • Historian Richard Norton Smith - Part 3

    Historian Richard Norton Smith - Part 3

    Historian and author Richard Norton Smith talked about his favorite historians and history books, why he won’t go see “Hamilton:…

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  • 9/11 Memorials and Memory

    9/11 Memorials and Memory

    What do memorials tell us about how we remember the past? Speakers from the Pentagon Memorial Fund, National September…

  • Presidential Trains

    Presidential Trains

    Author Bob Withers talked about the trains that played a part in the presidencies of Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Warren…

  • Harry Truman's Education

    Harry Truman's Education

    The story of the 33rd president’s education was told in the newly renovated Harry Truman Presidential Library and…

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