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Thursday, April 17th

7am (ET): Washington Journal: Viewer Calls

Telephone lines are open for viewer comments on the news of the day.

7:45am (ET): Washington Journal: Medicare Payouts

New York Times health care industry reporter Reed Abelson talks about Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services data showing that a majority of the $77 billion Medicare payouts in 2012 went to about one-quarter of the doctors who accept Medicare.

8:30am (ET): Washington Journal: Global Economy and Prosperity

Michael Mandelbaum talks about his book The Road to Global Prosperity, in which he discusses the state of the global economy following the 2008 financial crisis.

9:30am (ET): Washington Journal: Federal Land Management Policy

Las Vegas Sun correspondent Karoun Demirjian talks about Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, who faced a conflict with the Bureau of Land Management over fees for cows that grazed on federally owned land.

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