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    Q&A with George Will
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    LIVE: Open Phones
  • 7am (ET)
    LIVE: Washington Journal Program: 07/14/14
  • 7:45am (ET)
    LIVE: Federal Government Efforts for Southwest Border Crisis
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    LIVE: Stephanie Armour on the Affordable Care Act
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    LIVE: Highway Trust Fund
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    LIVE: Morning Hour
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    LIVE: House Session
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    Book Discussion on The Rule of Nobody
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    The Weekly Standard Online Bookshelf
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    Book TV on the Supreme Court
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    Communicators with Tom Vander Ark
  • 8:30am (ET)
    Governors on Education and Job Training
  • 9:39am (ET)
    National Governors Association, Closing Session on Jobs and the Economy
  • 10:31am (ET)
    The Future of Community Banking
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    LIVE: Politico Playbook Lunch with Dick Cheney and Family
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    LIVE: Senate Session
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    LIVE: Veterans' Health Care
  • 8pm (ET)
    Communicators with Tom Vander Ark
  • 6:29am (ET)
    Watergate 40 Years Later – United States v. Nixon
  • 6:40am (ET)
    Medgar Evers House
  • 7am (ET)
    Reel America: Barry Goldwater 1964 Acceptance Speech
  • 7:48am (ET)
    Mississippi Civil Rights Collection
  • 8am (ET)
    Internet Privacy and National Security Agency Surveillance
  • 9:33am (ET)
    College Athletes and Academics
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    LIVE: U.S. Postal Service Nomination Hearing
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    LIVE: Highway and Transportation Funding Act Markup
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    6:15 Sunday TV Talk Show Roundtables
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    LIVE: Washington Journal : Open Phones
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    LIVE: Washington Journal Broder Crisis
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    LIVE: Washington Journal ACA issues
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    LIVE: Washington Journal Highway Trust Fund
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    Washington Today
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