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New C-SPAN series "The Contenders"

Preview program airs tonight

Washington, DC
Friday, September 2, 2011

As the presidential campaign gets in full swing this fall, C-SPAN is premiering a new history series that puts electoral politics in a historical perspective.  The Contenders features profiles of key figures who have run for and lost the presidential election, but changed political history nevertheless.

Starting Sept. 9 and coinciding with the traditional post-Labor Day campaign kickoff, The Contenders will reach across time, political parties, and geography to present political figures who were a national political party’s nominee in at least one presidential election, had an impact on American politics in their time and ran before 1996, allowing for some passage of time and historical context.

Tonight, we preview the series with a special historians roundtable discussion at 8pm and 11pm ET– the regular time slot for the series. 

Joining us on the roundtable are Presidential Historian Richard Norton Smith, Carl Cannon – Washington Editor of Real Clear Politics, and Goucher College History Professor Jean Baker.

The 90 minute taped conversation takes a look at the big picture idea behind the series as well as talking about each one of the 14 Contenders featured in the weekly LIVE on location series.

Our LIVE programs debut on Friday, September 9th as we travel to Henry Clay’s Ashland Estate in Lexington, Kentucky and will run weekly on Friday nights through December 9 as we take a look at one Contender per week.

Updated: Tuesday, September 6, 2011 at 7:03pm (ET)

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  • "The Contenders" Preview: C-SPAN at 8pm & 11pm ET
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