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Military Personnel and Experts Discuss Women in Combat

International Peace Research Institute Panel on Women in Combat

International Peace Research Institute Panel on Women in Combat

Washington, DC
Friday, February 1, 2013

Military personnel, academics, lawyers, and other discuss the implementation of the newly lifted ban on women in ground combat at a symposium at the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

Recently, after two groups of female service members filed lawsuits challenging the U.S. policies excluding women from ground combat roles, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta rescinded the military's ground combat exclusion policy “effective immediately.”

Panels discussed the best ways to achieve full integration and to ensure success for women as they move into roles formerly reserved for men.

The First panel consisted of women whose actions in combat are documented with awards and decorations gave testimonials.

Next, a discussion titled, "Previous Integration at Home and Abroad" included women who have served immediately following a previous policy change or who are currently serving in combat positions abroad.

The third panel was composed of experts who have studied combat restrictions and offer insights to consider relative to integrating women into combat specialties.

A final panel titled, "Implications of Full Integration on Women, Peace and Security" talks about how full integration may affect women’s participation in peace and security initiatives around the globe.

This event was sponsored by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, the University of Virginia School of Law, the Service Women's Action Network and CSIS's Women in International Security.

Updated: Friday, February 1, 2013 at 2:56pm (ET)

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