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From Capitol Hill

Congress Continues to Examine Iranian and Syrian Threats

Iranian and Syrian Presidents

Iranian and Syrian Presidents

Washington, DC
Friday, October 14, 2011

Obama administration officials are testifying on Capitol Hill for a second day on Iran and its alleged involvement in a plot to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States.  While President Obama has called for additional sanctions to be placed on Iran, Treasury Undersecretary David Cohen told the House panel that current sanctions are working.  

The House Foreign Affairs Committee held the second of a two-part hearing focusing on the terrorist threats from both Iran and Syria, but most of the hearing focused on Iran. U.S. authorities say the assassination plan involved two men linked to Iran's security agencies. 

Cohen said he has seen "the economic impact of the sanctions" which has "made it increasingly difficult for Iran to engage in the outside world."

But concerns exist in Congress about other countries' cooperation and business partnerships with Iran, including China and Russia. But Cohen said meetings with the international community have resulted in "a tremendous reduction" of international business transactions with Iran.

Both witnesses at today's hearing testified Thursday before the Senate Banking Committee. Cohen testified along with Wendy R. Sherman, undersecretary of State for Political Affairs.

Updated: Friday, October 14, 2011 at 12:24pm (ET)

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