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Cato Institute Explores Effects of 'Citizens United' Ruling

Washington, DC
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Cato Institute hosts a pair of panel discussions on campaign finance and how the Supreme Court's ruling in the "Citizen's United" case has affected the funding of campaigns and political action committees (PACs).

The first panel examined the decision and looked to answer what, if anything, changed about elections following the Supreme Court decision. John Samples, director of the Center for Representative Government at the Cato Institute, moderated this discussion between Robert Bauer, a partner at Perkins Coie and Former Counsel to the President and General Counsel at Obama for America 2012; Bradley Smith, the Josiah H. Blackmore II/Shirley M. Nault Designated Professor of Law at Capital University Law School and a Former Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission; and Ray LaRaja, an Associate Professor of Political Science at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.

The second panel looked at the future of campaign finance regulation. Michael Malbin, the Executive Director of the Campaign Finance Institute, moderateed this panel, which featured FEC Commissioner Don McGahn, Harvard Law School Professor Lawrence Lessig and John Samples of the Cato Institute.

Updated: Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 1:21pm (ET)

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